No more Sissy Music!!
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Why 'NSYNC sucks

These guys are the most annoying boy band of all boy bands. Not only do they have voices that sound like a twelve year old girl being beat up with a nightstick, but they also prance around the stage like wounded chickens. I'm sure I'm not alone in this! Their songs are pointless. They always sing about nonsense and how to get a girl in bed. MTV is being destroyed by these assholes who don't even know where their assholes are. They always say how hard they work to get where they are. BULLSHIT you guys fuck you. I don't consider partying out of control at orgies while some desperate, overweight nerd writes all the shit!

Also, these conceited dickheads try to sound soooo humble with a soooo humble beginning of their oh-so-smooth acceptance speech whenever an undeserved award is won.
"Oh God, this is such a surprise for us....." could you be bigger shitfaces than the ones you already are. Your songs were taking over the airwaves and what's the surprise guys? I could see right through ya!

The fab-five members of 'NSUCK are.....

Justin Isatthebottomofthelake
Mrs. Bass
Chris Sleptwithpatrick
Joey Pepperoni
J.C Isgay

Check this out. My friend at school told me she was watching the Rosie O'Donnel show a few days ago. 'N Sync was there, and Justin admitted that he and Britney are not 'just friends.' Now, all we can pray for, is that they don't reproduce!